Hôtel Vougeot

Le Clos de la Vouge

Welcome to Clos de la Vouge, your dream destination located in the village of Vougeot, nestled between the famous towns of Beaune and Dijon. Our unique hotel combines the charm of Burgundy and modern comfort to promise you an unforgettable experience. Whether you want to explore the vineyards, taste local wines or simply relax in an enchanting natural setting, LE CLOS DE LA VOUGE is the ideal place for your stay.


A perfect blend of tradition and modernity

Looking for a memorable stay in Vougeot ? LE CLOS DE LA VOUGE is a rare pearl located in the enchanting village of Vougeot, nestled between Beaune and Dijon. Our unique hotel offers you a perfect fusion of traditional Burgundy charm and modern conveniences, creating an exceptional stay experience.

Comfort and elegance of the rooms

Modern comfort and personalized services

Breakfast for a start to the day rich in flavors

Want a pleasant morning? Breakfast at CLOS DE LA VOUGE is a celebration of Burgundy and its gastronomic riches. Each morning, our guests are invited to start their day with a feast that delights the senses and prepares them for exploring the wonders of Vougeot, Beaune and Dijon.

A gourmet breakfast buffet

The bar: a journey to the heart of Burgundy wines

The CLOS DE LA VOUGE bar is a true celebration of Burgundy wine traditions. Located in Vougeot, between Beaune and Dijon, our establishment offers a unique experience for wine lovers and those wishing to discover the hidden treasures of our region.

Wines chosen with passion

A place to meet and relax

Relaxation areas with our swimming pool and terraces

Need relaxation? At CLOS DE LA VOUGE we understand the importance of relaxation and well-being. This is why our swimming pool and our terraces are designed to bring you moments of relaxation and pleasure in Vougeot.

Our round swimming pool an oasis of tranquility

Our sunny terraces

Take away some good bottles and other little pleasures…

Want to take a souvenir home? For the return from your stay at CLOS DE LA VOUGE, located in the charming village of Vougeot between Beaune and Dijon, we have selected a range of authentic Burgundy products , so that you can bring home some of the unique flavors of your visit.

A selection of wines and spirits

Memories inspired by vines and wine

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